Patreons for Atlantic Canadian Comics & Zines

Do you have a comics or comics-adjacent Patreon or similar page you would like listed here? It's free for anyone who qualifies to distribute with BRB, whether you are in our catalog or not. Send us yer links!

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Radstorm/ Halifax's home to multiple excellent collectives including Sadrad (music), Inkstorm (screenprinting), the Anchor Archive Zine Library and much more.

Eric Orchard/ "In exchange for your patronage I will post new work, either art or prose, I’ll do occasional giveaways, I’ll answer all your creative freelancing and you’ll get early access to projects. If you want anything else just ask. I’m always interested in other ways we can exchange ideas. Donations are monthly but you can change or cancel your donation at any time."

Illegal Bodies by Jud Crandall/ "Imagine this comic as a serial without an anthology, or a strip without its newspaper. Instead, each episode is printed freestanding, as a series of ashcan mini comics. Traditionally prototype or craft editions, these ashcans will print in limited runs, using single folded sheets of card stock without binding. The comic will also be serialized digitally, with collected editions to follow."

Kate Beaton/ "Welcome! I've been making comics for years, and for a while was a mainstay on the ol' webcomics scene. I was the author of "Hark! A Vagrant!" and I threw up small comics on twitter about my life and other things, and I always enjoyed making personal content with an audience I held dear."

Pegamoose Pals by Brenda Hickey and Troy Little/ "As a new member, you will receive the Official Pegamoose Pals Club enamel pin and all the perks that come with it as a member in good standing."

Joey Comeau / "My idea is to post short stories when I can, and sometimes audio recordings of me reading them. We'll be building a free audio-book collection of short stories over time, but my main goal is posting them on a website where anyone can go and read my short stories."

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Do you have a campaign you would like listed here? It's free for anyone who qualifies to distribute with BRB, whether you are in the catalog or not. Send me the details!

Among the Ashes: by Ryan Nicholson. A powerful sorcerer turned Emperor struggles to accept who he is and what he has become. (Kickstarter; ends Oct. 13)

Build the Comic Zine Database: by Rick Bradford. Not a Canadian project but well worth a look, as it comes from the Poopsheet Foundation. (Gofundme)

Indie Comics Creator Con: A new comic book convention focusing on creators, independent art, and ideas planned for March 9, 2024 in New Haven, CT.